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This painting was one of my current works in progress. It is acrylic and graphite on a prepared gesso panel, 24" x 36". The painting now is completed and available for your acquisition.

This acrylic painting, framed above-pictured, was exhibited at the Newman Galleries in Philadelphia as one piece of the group show by the membership of the Philadelphia Sketch Club.

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Dr. Jeffrey W. Pergament, D.D., Visual Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur, Altruist, Minister, Educator and never-ending "WORK IN PROGRESS."

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My photographs are available as 8.5" x 11" enlargements - signed by me and directly from me - simply email me; I can invoice by email and I can send you PDFs from my portfolio. I do my own digital processing and print production and hand-sign every photo enlargement. I do not restrict the ability to "right click" my images on my various web sites. I am at an age where I surely expect the recognition if you "copy and paste" my work and I really don't give a flying rat's ass about what you do with my "stolen" digital representations of my work. If I cannot survive from my own efforts, then whatever it is you may do would represent a shortfall on my behalf if it were to impact in a prohibitive or retardant fashion in my life and work ethic. Understand? If you were to visit my other sites, you will discover more aspects and elements of my career history and my current work. If I discover that you have generated income from my images, then my intellectual property lawyers will attack you and seize your assets gained plus damages.

I have been a professional visual artist and photographer for more than 35 years. My first 35mm SLR was a Hanimex Pracktica with a 300mm telephoto lens - and what does this have to do with art? It is a memory recall test and an age segregator to test your literacy and knowledge of historic current events that changed our American culture. I started my photography in 1969, "got serious in 1972" and did my first professional fine art exhibit in 1974. I was one of three men in a 3-men show - Picasso, Dali & Pergament - this was my awesome initiation into the world of fine art exhibitions and the games relative to such a vocation and lifestyle.

So - now - check this one out:

This painting, above, is in a private collection; 5/8" marine plywood and acrylic pigment. Third in my series, "WOMEN ON WOOD."

Center City Philadelphia - my photograph. Now available as a color print enlargement; want it? Please email me at

Same goes for this one - second in this documentary series of center city; email me.

Above, from my "Women On Wood" series; I have this painting now; in my living room - if seriously interested, email me. The purchase price is $800.00 now.

This is a detail from a painting I created on stretched muslin, a thinner fabric than my standard canvas or linen; lower right panel view. [Private collection.

And now please click right HERE to see the actual painting process I execute to create an acrylic painting on a flat surface.

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I adapt and enhance commercial, hospitality and residential sites and structures to increase venue equity value, retro-fit antiquated situations structurally and/or operationally, and re-design space usage and I do this very well. 

I specialize in urban metropolitan and resort settings, including boutique hotels, restaurants, clubs and galleries.


Please email me; I reply as quickly as possible.

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All photographs Copyright 2012 by Jeffrey W. Pergament; all rights reserved.

Top to bottom - Picture # 1 and # 2: bay window upper floor reconstruction and modernization [also structural design/rebuild]; private residence.

Picture # 3: 3rd. floor loft conversion from single family row house.