This piece, above, is 30" x 40" and now is available directly from me shipped anywhere in the continental USA - the purchase price is $2,400.00 (shipping included as indicated); international shipping costs are extra.

This piece, pictured above in an almost 100% surface area view, also is a finished painting, 30" x 40," exhibited @ "JEFF'S PLACE" and currently available for $2,400.00 including shipping costs to anywhere in the contiguous 48 united states. Email me about credit card purchases, confidential and highly secured through VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART.

This painting, shown above, has an interesting story. Someone challenged me to paint this image based upon a special promotional calendar image by Montecristo Cigars and then reneged on his purchase promise. I then made a very interesting and appealing deal for this acrylic painting on stretched canvas with a friend of mine who has gone over the rainbow recently at the young age of 69. In exchange for this nude, I received two original watercolors by Henry Hill. It's a toss-up which one of us received the better deal. All I know today is this - I am still standing, painting and enjoying life as I know it. And you...?

The images above and below are points in time in the process of being completed for two separate paintings. Neither photographic image remains visible today on canvas as they appear here on this webpage; some visual references may be visible, however, in the finished works. I document by series of still photographs most of my paintings' processes and then I create CG-videos of my paintings evolving into finished works in an animated lap-dissolve/transition short film. My YouTube video channel is Visualjeff1 - please visit me on YouTube and subscribe to my channel. I also have friends' and admired personally familiar filmmakers' channels listed on my YouTube webpage.

This is the link to my video channel: is one of my films now playing on YouTube.

Film Description:

What I witnessed, embraced and created in three months, from January 3rd. through March 31st., 2012. All rights reserved. All visual images copyright 2012 VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART & DESIGN; all audio is remix and all royalties when applicable are licensed and expended appropriately. This is for educational purposes only and has no resale value or intent of purpose.

Every image is presented for exactly 7 seconds except one image which is presented for just 5 seconds. Do you think you can see which image that is? let me know if you think you see the image. I know which one it is; I created it that way.

This piece measures 24" x 36" and is acrylic pigment and graphite on gesso board.

All content Copyright 2012 by Jeffrey W. Pergament, Artist; all rights reserved.