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Welcome to DESIGN SOLUTIONS by Jeffrey Pergament. Established in October 2003, DESIGN SOLUTIONS by Jeffrey Pergament began with a singleness of purpose to focus on cost-efficient, leading edge adaptive re-use of existing sites, structures and resources into modern competitively placed techno- and retro-design environments. Both commercial and residential projects are within my portfolio of profitable efforts and satisfied clients. The diversified client history speaks to the scope of my professional services.

VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART is located in the suburban Philadelphia vicinity, in Delaware County , PA. Created in Atlantic County , New Jersey in 1986, VISUAL PHENOMENA relocated to Key West , Florida in 1990 and following a hurricane in the fall of 1998, again moved to a mainland facility. In October, 1998, there was no thought of beginning again in the Philadelphia vicinity. All thoughts and energy were directed toward replacing the Key West residential and studio elements of my life. VISUAL PHENOMENA was registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in October, 2002, and celebrates more than 20 years of success, failure, mistakes, outstanding accomplishments, public service partnerships and solid business friends and associates.

VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART and DESIGN SOLUTIONS by Jeffrey Pergament are leading edge professional services providers for contemporary design applications and fine arts products. Specialties include restaurant and nightclub designs and retro-fit, as well as sound, lighting and "food and beverage" aspects, adaptive re-use of existing spaces for a diversified retail and hospitality venue client base, as well as modern re-designs and renovations for residential dwelling units, including stand-alone homes, multiplexes, loft conversions and multi-use, multi-story "walk-ups" in metropolitan, suburban and urban resort locations. We maintain a "P" File, for "pie in the sky" - our design/build proposals waiting for client funding, or decision rendering. We have a proposal for North 3rd. Street, in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, to convert an abandoned second-story row of 6 attached dwelling units into 4 contemporary loft-style urban modern dwelling units with roof and deck access. This is a corner property above a first-floor commercial use, a bakery.

Another "on the table" proposal redefines a 20,000 sq. ft. shopping mall's free-standing single story structure, that contains en equal basement footprint of 20,000 sq. ft. This proposal changes an under-utilized retail location into a multi-cultural community center with a few residential units and a public performance space, as well as income-generating retail ancillaries and classrooms and meeting spaces. This is a state-of-the-art infrastructure that would serve the area in times of emergency management. This apparently was the original "design" for this site and structure, given its concrete vault basement and its location along the major corridor intersection of Atlantic County, NJ.


Please enjoy your visit to my web site and feel free to contact me by any number of convenient means to discuss the fulfillment of your dreams and the accomplishment of your personal and commercial objectives.

Jeffrey W. Pergament, Owner,

VISUAL PHENOMENA Fine Art and Design 

VISUAL PHENOMENA is a valued Disc Makers Studio Partner

If you are ready to "go to press" with your CD or DVD, or if you are at the "mix master" step in your production, please contact us a.s.a.p. to learn how we can expedite your achievement and provide a bigger bang for your bucks. We offer digital recording and mixing and utilize Acoustica software. Please visit our PORTFOLIO page in this regard by clicking on the Studio Partner logo, above, which will open a new window, or MY RECENT WORKS OF ART at the top of this webpage.

DESIGN SOLUTIONS by Jeffrey Pergament

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