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The following is my virtual portfolio  as a visual artist and designer...  this is a very long webpage with a lot of pictures and information. Enjoy your time here and thanks for your visit. Scroll down the right side of the screen at your convenience:

Jeffrey W. Pergament, Visual Artist and Designer


This is a detail from a series of paintings, Women on Wood, and is in the collection of the artist, Jeffrey Pergament.

All images photographed by the artist and are copyright 2006 by Jeffrey W. Pergament; all rights are reserved. There is no restriction placed on these images and they may be right-click copied as jpegs. For purchase information, please contact the artist directly by phone, email or snail mail. The artist is a verified business account with PayPal - for information in this regard, please email the artist at the following email address: If you use these jpegs, any honoraria or donations to the artist would be greatly appreciated as well as sample clippings or copies of your use. I have no problem with your use of these images at this time. If you wish to take it to the level of digital imagery of my works on canvas or lithographs for serious retail resale, then please contact me appropriately in this regard or I will rely on my legal team to find you and attach your profits. Thank you for cooperating with me as a win/win partnership.

More so, thank you for visiting my web site and enjoy yourself. Today is the totality of what is actual and real, my friends. Embrace the gift that is TODAY!


Visit to shop our elite selection of paintings available through our secure business-verified PayPal shopping cart web site. All paintings are priced at $2,400.00 and shipping anywhere in the UK or North America is an additional $85.00. Shipments delivered to California and Pennsylvania are subject to sales tax. Send an email to 

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This is a detail from a painting that is in the private collection of Mr. Richard Garrick. It is acrylic pigment on stretched muslin.


This painting is 36 inches x 36 inches and was done in 1974 while my daughter's mom was pregnant. It represents the difference in societal boundaries and restrictions placed on men and women. The illusions of freedom and delusional restriction. This painting is in the personal collection of my older brother, Bruce Pergament. It is acrylic on stretched canvas, with 2 inch wide stretcher strips.

This was painted as a cover art piece for the New Jersey Brass Quintet debut album, Ode To The Beaches, and is in the private collection of Mr. Richard Garrick. I was a grants consultant and independent artist and obtained grant funding for the NJBQ, Inc., to create the album and to create the packaging of the completed work. The original painting is approximately 24 inches x 36 inches, acrylic on poster board vellum stock.

This painting is 36 inches x 36 inches, and is oil paint on stretched Belgium linen. It was in the private collection of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cohen, of Philadelphia, PA It is in my possession now as part of my aunt's final wishes.

This is a detail. The pigments are created in specific colors and then painted onto screened masking tape grids. The liquid is allowed to seep under the edges and in multi-layered applications, the ridges and abstract edge forms are created.

About my work - This web document allows me to present a body of work that spans more than 30 years of artistic pursuits in visual effects and diversified manifestations. One vehicle incorporates masking tape as a grid construction tool to bow the stretched canvas panel and allow the pigments to ooze slightly with a first coat and subsequently sealing the edges of the taped surface before the second coat of acrylic pigments is applied. I began this technique during undergraduate studies in the arts, when others would use masking tape to create the hard, straight edge of the mid-70s. I chose to buck tradition and go against the trend away from the ability to draw by observation and eye-hand coordination, to allow the pigment to ooze under the taped edges to create imperfect rectangles that overlap. The resultant image cannot have isolated sections for the viewer. The inherent eye movement forces the viewer to see the entire surface all the time. I had learned this design theory was a visual mantra, known as a YANTRA. Please scroll back and observe the diamond-shaped painting to see if, in fact, you are able to ever isolate a specific smaller segment from the painted surface.

There are four (4) levels of image application before the final publicly viewed finished work is available. The abstract mosaic images were created from color field patterns and specific images, broken and re-assembled in an overlapping manner to create the final effect. I have painted this way to manifest my emotional reactions to the seasonal color changes in the NE corridor, primarily, or the juxtaposition of humanity (flesh-coated eco-systems that we are...) against concrete, steel and wood. Two of the pieces included in my slide presentation represent the fall environmental color change of 2003. The third, smaller piece is Tree of Life schematic within the field. This is an image from the Kabbalah. - The Ten Sefirot.

My issue over the course of the past 30 years has been to include randomness versus order and structure – chaos versus order. Within the structure of the taped areas, I can randomly apply colors and react and innovate according to whim. To some music that plays inside my head. In pursuing the specific image-related work, I try to marry with the images I paint and feel how the situation may exist within the surface of the canvas. Mostly, my images are montages over time that involve multiple sources for my inspirations. It is rarely about any "one" aspect, person or situation. When I do focus on one element, I incorporate many aspects of the same "subject" in an overlapping manner, similar to a music multi-track remix - only visual. My work is of an adult content and by visiting my site, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older, and if not, you will exit my web site immediately.

If you wish to view an uncensored photographic fine arts essay as a PDF, then please click anywhere on the "eye" painting detail below. All images of my art and my photographs and my manipulations to create this finished product, a PDF gallery of a selection of my work that emulates the slide-show experience, are copyright and are mine. Enjoy or pass on the hyperlink provided. DO NOT CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE. Thank you.

VISUAL PHENOMENA Fine Art and Design

The second path I have pursued is a spiritual path. After 39 years of anger, frustration, misdirected passion and selfishness, my art has shifted from anger and rage to contentment and, hopefully, wisdom. My Judaic pieces represent my personal manner and style of painting representational imagery in abstract space references. All my color theory is based upon a desire to create triadic harmonies and beautiful discord through my painting. I paint as if i were a jazz musician with a 17-piece band behind me. I hear the music in my head – I do not know how to transcribe the music so I paint. My musical studies were interrupted when I moved from Philadelphia in 1961 to Atlantic City. I had studied bass and drums in Philadelphia and Atlantic City needed an oboist in the school orchestra. I could not afford private bass lessons at that time. My internal rhythm is 1/8 note off the dance line. How the pigments are applied do not vary from my other painting styles. I use the same color palette for all my pieces. The underlying theme of my present collection is to balance hedonism with spirituality, selfishness with selflessness, and to push the limits of visual representations in support of absolute freedom of expression. My figurative works are just that – either one appreciates the painting or does not. I do not support any type of censorship, yet I can respect the public rating for adult content. This is a good thing and maintains one's right to make a choice, without artistic restriction or First Amendment breaches.

Additionally, I draw, write, make films, photograph, and experiment with other genres, and I find that animation allows me the vehicle to utilize all my creative passion. Computers are a wonderful extension, yet there is nothing like projected light films (the magic lantern) or feeling the wet brush across the surface of the stretched canvas. The process is part and parcel of the painting experience. Each of my paintings in this series is part of a lap-dissolved and transitioned, musically scored motion picture in my own mind. Ever since I first watched the film, Fantasia, by Walt Disney, I knew what I wanted to do - THAT!!! What the public gets today are specific moments in time, via these paintings, to step out of their particular world and come into the sensual one I created and manifest to them via these painted images, that is always happening within me. I know they are not images that can occupy space and become ignored. I truly believe I have something to say, and a purpose to leave this planet better because of my efforts than before I came into this world. My art is my testament to this effort - to keep turning on lights where there is darkness and pushing the envelop a wee bit more... and some more.

Thank you for this opportunity to present my work for your consideration. Enjoy your visit to my web site.


Jeffrey W. Pergament, Visual Artist


DESIGN SOLUTIONS by Jeffrey Pergament

All original photographs are copyright 2006 by Jeffrey W. Pergament; all rights reserved.

 Copyright 2006 DESIGN SOLUTIONS by Jeffrey Pergament

Copyright 2006 DESIGN SOLUTIONS by Jeffrey Pergament  

Available now on Video CD

Length: 21:40

$20.00 [Donation suggested.]

Windows Media Player or comparable equipment required for playback.

PayPal email account also available. Email for details.  

Copyright 2005 Jeffrey W. Pergament dba VISUAL PHENOMENA Fine Arts and dba DESIGN SOLUTIONS by Jeffrey Pergament. All rights reserved.  

Custom NON-STOP Music Mix CDs by Jeffrey Pergament, Media Artist

Dance Club Lighting, Sound Design and DJ, Fine Art and Design

My CD remix samples are available for purchase @ $10.00 per CD, including case and cover art as shown on the samples provided. Shipping and handling are not included in this purchase price and are determined by location and volume of CDs sent. There is a flat fee for shipping and handling @ $4.00 per CD, and all CDs are shipped First Class via USPS in the continental USA . For Alaska , Hawaii and foreign shipping, please contact me directly. For international shipping and handling, please note that Customs is involved in all CD shipments and delays due to Customs are not the responsibility or liability of VISUAL PHENOMENA, DESIGN SOLUTIONS by Jeffrey Pergament or Jeff Pergament.

Discounts are available for multiple copies of the same CD. Again, please contact me directly in this regard. Thanks so much and enjoy the music. Dance as if no one ever watches you.

Recent Works:

Laid Back Tropics

This is an acrylic painting on untreated 100% cotton, 36 inches x 48 inches.

This piece currently hangs in the artist’s residence and is available for purchase.

The sale price from the artist directly is $1,200.00 (USD).

SHIPPING AND HANDLING = $150.00, anywhere in the U.S.A.

Total price: $1,200.00 + $150.00 = $1,350.00

Payable through PayPal Verified Business Account as for VISUAL PHENOMENA Fine Art


Copyright 2006 Jeffrey W. Pergament

All rights reserved.  



by Jeffrey W. Pergament








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